Products and Tools we use and love that made us better at our craft

Software, tools, and services

The best resources create the best quality of work. Thus, we only recommend the most reliable tools we have provenly used through time. These are the tools that helped us build amazing websites; indeed, it will help you too.

WordPress logo


Preferred CMS

We can’t stress enough how vital WordPress is for our business and other businesses too. We trust WordPress as to how millions of website owners believe and invest their businesses in it.

Get Flywheel web hosting


Cloud Hosting

High-speed and reliable hosting that makes WordPress websites fly! We chose Flywheel not only for the speed and reliability but also for the tools that help web design agencies and freelancers with their businesses.

Get GeneratePress theme


WordPress Theme

The best WordPress theme framework for speed and customization. It’s not a page builder theme, but its customization tools are more than enough to build a beautiful website with minimal to no coding.

Underscores starter theme


Starter Theme

In some cases, especially for complex website requests, we build our themes with Underscores so we could only add the necessary functions and significantly optimize the website. CSS Framework


CSS Framework

The guys at created a neat CSS framework for modern web development. We use Bulma to all our custom WordPress themes. It’s lightweight and has the right amount of components and features our custom starter theme needs.

Bootstrap CSS Framework


CSS Framework

The best CSS framework for all types of websites. We are big fans and users of Bootstrap until we switched to Bulma. If you’re starting to learn HTML and CSS, be sure to pick up Bootstrap, you might stumble upon a client’s website that uses the framework.

Sublime Text 3 Editor

Sublime Text

Code Editor

Simple, lightweight, reliable, and extendable text editor for our coding needs. We tried many text editors for developers, but we always come back to Sublime Text for its simplicity.

Figma Web Design


Web Design

Our go-to web design software. Figma is lightweight and comes in with all the tools you need to start web designing, prototyping, and sharing for free. The pro version gives you access to features like collaboration and more.

Mailchimp Email Marketing Platform


Email Marketing

Start your email campaigns with MailChimp for free. MailChimp is our email marketing platform of choice. Its simple user interface makes it user-friendly, boosting productivity.

Guides and tutorials

A list of all the guides and tutorials about anything WordPress related we have published.

How to set up WordPress offline – The basics of setting up WordPress on a local environment.