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We create WordPress themes and plugins tailored for your website from scratch, no gimmick features you don't need, keeping your website lean.

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Get professionally-written quality content on a topic of your choice. We write content that connects you to your readers and builds trust in your brand.

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Website & Content

Get both web development and web content services. We produce your website from design to code, down to your website's needed content.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to contact us for any questions if you're still on the fence and want to find out more. Here are some answers to specific questions that we feel you should know right off the bat.

No. We don't resell themes we made exclusively for our previous clients. Every theme we make is not designed for distribution unlike commercial themes, and therefore will only work for our clients' website. To get a theme expertly designed for your website, contact us.
It depends on the complexity of the request. But as a reference, for a basic blog website, we can turn over the website within 6 days (4 hours per day of work). Any more complex than a blog website will require us the details of the website you need to give you a rough estimate of the development time.
It depends on the topic and complexity of your request. On average, we can process a 700-word or less content in one day. To know how long we can process a specified request, please be as detailed as possible when you use our contact form.
Anything really. But do note that the more technical the piece, the longer it will take us to finish. We pride ourselves in the quality of our work and we never submit anything unless we're satisfied.
Most of our projects are under non-disclosure agreement (NDA). Meaning, we cannot publish it. If you need a sample of our work, please request for one on our contact form.
Everyone knows asking someone to make and implement your vision, exactly how you have it drawn out in your head is difficult. Sometimes impossible. Rol not only patiently adjusted to the moving target that we had to meet in developing my website but also took initiative to improve and explain why he did the things he did. The support and responsiveness were exceptional, never had to wait over 12 hours for a response, and that’s truly saying something when you are working with someone across the globe.
David Shekhtman· OCRFitness World
To be honest, I don't want to offer the truth of how awesome Rol and his team is to work with! I know it's selfish, but if the truth gets out, you will take his time away from me. Rol is that great to work with!
Aaron Alexander · Reloaded Marketing
Our business required quick changes and Rol was able to deliver them. The best quality about him was that we could always rely on him - either on good times or bad. He always delivered and didn't require a double check. Whoever will hire him, will make a good business decision.
Dainis Graveris· Design and Lifestyle blogger

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