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Rol John Torralba  —

Good design is a solution to a problem. In order to design an effective solution, we must ask the following questions which will allow us to:

  • Better understand your business and target audience
  • Gather important project specifications and details
  • Generate an accurate quote or proposal according to your needs
  • Create a memorable website that exceeds expectations and stays true to your business’ core principles and vision

If possible, only leave out fields that you’re not sure of.

Background information

What is the primary goal for the site? Get more inbound leads / quote requests / phone inquiries? Increase brand awareness? Educate your audience? Encourage sales? Collect email addresses to build a list? Encourage on-site or social media interaction, etc. Name the 3 things that are most important in the design of your new website. Name 3 least important.

If applicable: Age Range, Gender, Location (local, regional, national, urban, suburban, rural), Marital/Family Status, Income Level, Education Level, Occupation, etc.

Why should people do business with you rather than your competitors? Are you the cheapest? Great customer service? Amazing guarantee or returns policy? Exclusive supplier? Best quality? Fast/free delivery? Unique add-on packages?

Or what sites don’t you like and why? What features of those liked websites would you like to be incorporated into your site?

What do you like most about your current site? Do you have full access to your current site? Is there any functionality or options on your current website that you plan to keep? Are there any other contractors involved in this project?

Scope of work

If you already have a logo, can you provide the original artwork files? Do you have a tagline?

Does your current web host meet all your website’s needs (space, bandwidth, databases, etc.)?

If not, do you need help selecting and registering a good URL?

If not, do you have preselected company colors? Are there any other previously existing materials the site must match (brochures, press materials, etc.)? If so, please attach materials/samples in email.

Please provide details on content cross promotion

Do you have a Google Analytics account? Can your provide us access?


Do you have full rights to those files? Can you provide hi-res files to us?

Please be advised, we do not provide professional video or audio services in-house at this time, thus, outsourcing may occur should this become a part of the scope of work.

Please be sure to attach or share any relevant text documents, images, assets/materials, research about your business, market sector, competition or any other information you want us to know in the email.